Thursday, July 24, 2014

Where is the Supply of Gold Coming From?

I’m going to be knocked off my socks if something doesn’t happen with gold, but last year it was reported that we lost 700 tons in the GLD, which is physical gold that was sold into the market....

And here we are in 2014 and so far we are up about 12 tons (in GLD), so it’s no big deal. Maybe we will do 20 tons by the end of the year, but if you look at the dynamic of having 700 tons (of gold) not come to the market, and the GLD actually buying tonnage, you have a metric where you could see an 800 ton delta just in the GLD, in a 4,000 ton market.

Who is supplying this? Because supply is not going up. So I think that there are many, many reasons from a physical perspective that the gold market will be shockingly great this year, and that ultimately (with) the paper guys, there is going to be some problem that manifests itself here. Whether it’s taking delivery on the Comex, or the Chinese not receiving their gold, something like that has to happen with the kind of metrics we have.

- Eric Sprott via King World News