Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ellis Martin Report with Sprott Money’s CEO Eric Sprott

"Ellis Martin interviews Sprott Money CEO Eric Sprott for a wide-based discussion of today and tomorrow's commodity market issues: gold vs silver,stocks and bullion, recession or is it depression, recovery or collapse supply and demand and the virtual reality purveyance of the banks and the Fed, the media and the politicos. Mr. Sprott predicted early on the market collapse of 2008. Listen to his current observations."

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

There is a Shortage of Gold

"Eric Sprott's analysis shows a "flat supply" and at least a "2,500 ton net increase in gold demand" since 2000. He manages nearly $10 billion at Sprott Asset Management. "Where's all the gold coming from?" asks Sprott. He says Western central banks ". . . keep supplying this market with product in order to keep the price down so nobody knows how vulnerable the situation is." Sprott boldly proclaims, "We have a shortage of gold." Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Eric Sprott."

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Inequality in Wealth is Accelerating

"Meanwhile, as the Occupy movement also repeatedly highlighted, the increase in wealth inequality within the US has grown steadily over the past thirteen years. Figure 3 below shows the “Gini Ratio” of US household income, which statistically captures income inequality within the country. A Gini Ratio coefficient of 0 corresponds with perfect equality, while a coefficient of 1 describes a situation where one person has all the income, and everyone else has nothing. As can be seen, a clear trend towards inequality has been in place since the late 1960s, and that trend appears to be accelerating today. Just as weakness begets weakness, strength begets strength for those with the most wealth..."

- Excerpt from a recent article by Eric Sprott and David Baker. Read the full article here:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Western Banks Have No More Gold!

Eric Sprott appears on Bloomberg TV. Where he discusses the incredibly bullish fundamentals of gold and the stellar track record it has had over the last decade. He lays out the facts and was heard saying this shocking statement: 

 "Central banks have one line on their balance sheets for gold and gold receivables! If they lease gold to a bullion dealer, that’s a receivable. That gold has obviously been sold into the market, but we can’t tell what’s real gold and what’s receivable" 

 This is a must watch video.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Weakness Begets More Weakness

“The 99% represents the US consumer….It is the purchasing power of this massive, amorphous group that drives the US economy forward. The problem, however, is that four years into a so-called recovery, this group is still being financially squeezed from every possible angle, making it very difficult for them to maintain their standard of living, let alone increase their levels of consumption.”

- Excerpt from a recent article by Eric Sprott and David Baker. Read the full article here:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sprott Asset Management's Top Five Picks

"Sprott Asset Management, managed by the infamous precious metals bull Eric Sprott, is an investment advisory firm with an estimated $9.7 billion in assets under management. Sprott's fund has investments in a wide array of asset classes, and has about 8% of his capital invested in US equities, as noted by his $762 million 13F portfolio. Among Sprott's portfolio is a wide array of stocks in the basic materials sector, which comprises close to three-fourths of his total holdings. Here's a peek at the fund's 13F portfolio, but we're going to take an in-depth look at its top five stock holdings, due to the fact that his 13F returned over 36% last quarter...

First up on our list is First Majestic Silver Corp (NYSE:AG), which has returned 28.4% in 2012 thus far. With its headquarters in Canada, First Majestic explores for and produces silver in Mexico, focusing predominantly on four different mining sites. The largest mine in the company's possession is its La Encantada site, which accounts for over half of the company's total production.

Sprott currently owns over $64 million worth of First Majestic, good for 8.4% of his total 13F portfolio. A chief driver of the stock's growth this calendar year is a record level of production, in addition to a rare, community-first approach to silver mining. The company has gone beyond country-specific environmental regulations multiple times throughout its history, most recently at its La Parrilla mine to eliminate groundwater pollution..."

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Huge Tailwind for Gold

"I never would've imagined when I got involved in gold that I would have the benefit of kind of irresponsible money printing, bank runs that are ongoing as we witnessed in the various countries in Europe, and those two ingredients along with the QE3 which has been announced I think will be a huge tailwind for gold and other precious metals to go higher."

- Eric Sprott via a recent CNBC interview