Friday, July 18, 2014

Failure to Deliver Will Send Gold Higher

We have the Chinese coming in and buying an extra 1,500 tons (of gold). We will have a GLD metric that could be as much as 1,000 tons just this year, year over year. The Indians haven’t changed the laws yet but I think that will be forthcoming, and they can get back into normal buying mode....

We know that production is likely to fall off because of the lack of financing, the difficulty of getting projects approved, the unwillingness to go into projects, and the massive decline in exploration.

So if you look at it from a longer-term perspective, you can see that all the catalysts are in place. In terms of the immediacy of something, it’s going to be a failure to deliver. I don’t know where it’s going to occur, but it will be a failure to deliver somewhere.

- Eric Sprott via a recent King World News interview