Monday, July 30, 2012

Sprotts Comments on the Latest "Sprott Silver Trust" Offering

“We thought the timing was good in the sense that the silver price has been in the doldrums and there would be some underlying interest in the metal. We were happy the announced offering reached the target of $200 million because the issuing market is not very robust these days.

So we were quite happy with the results. And initially it will allow us to buy seven million odd ounces of silver, which we haven’t bought yet, but it will certainly help the silver market.”

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Great Black Swan

Eric Sprott was recently interviewed by King World News. In which he gave another powerful interview. Topics of this interview were the current state of the European financial crisis, gold, silver and what Eric perceives as the greatest black swan out there.

Listen to the full interview here:

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Monday, July 23, 2012

My Biggest Worry

“My biggest black swan, Eric, is that I think I’ll be right one day. My worry is that one day they just shut everything down. They say, ‘You know what, we just can’t keep this up anymore, the whole Ponzi (scheme), we just can’t do it and we shut it down.’ All of the markets freeze, and the stocks that you are short are never allowed to go where they were.

They might cease gold trading, in the normal sense, or maybe they will even outlaw gold trading. But that’s my biggest worry. Because everything else, everything that one would theorize and watch, in practical terms, all (of it) argues for gold and silver to win the day. So just stay the course.”

- Eric Sprott via a recent King World News interview, read the full interview here:

Friday, July 20, 2012

Eric Sprott Answers Your Questions

Sprott Money has released a new series of videos. In these videos Eric Sprott answers readers questions and gives his candid opinion. Major topics are of course, Gold, Silver and the destruction of the dollar.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This Would Suggest That all of the Available Silver Was Traded Before Lunchtime.

“Eric Sprott has pointed out that on a daily basis, the paper markets (futures markets) in silver trade about 100 million ounces, while the physical market produces less than 3 million ounces each day. That’s an indicated 97 million ounce shortfall on a daily trading basis.

I would also like to add that 90 to 120 days ago, Eric Sprott was saying to me that the amount of silver available for good delivery, on the various metals exchanges in the world, was about 40 million ounces. So if you think about the fact that there were 40 million ounces available for good delivery, but 100 million ounces a day are traded, this would suggest that all of the available silver was traded before lunchtime.

I would also say that if this market begins to move to the upside, it would appear from the disparity of silver available to trade and the amount that actually does trade, that there is the strong case for some very substantial upside.”

- Rick Rule, a member of Sprott Asset Management, speaking about the Silver market and Eric Sprott. Read the full interview at King World News here:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

There is No Solution to the Problem

"I’ve been asked before, is there a solution to the problem? There isn’t a solution to the problem. There’s things that might happen. There’s a default that could happen. There’s hyperinflation that could happen, but none of those would be deemed as solutions to the problem. But one or the other or both is going to happen.

People should, rightly, have fear of having their money in paper instruments, whether it’s in a bank account or a bond. If they had any sense they would be buying (physical) gold and/or silver. That’s the only way to maintain your purchasing power."

- Eric Sprott via a recent King World News interview, read the full interview here:

Monday, July 9, 2012

One of His Greatest Interviews Ever

Eric Sprott, was recently interviewed by King World News. Topics such as gold, silver and the ongoing depression are discussed. Eric King calls this "one of his greatest in depth interviews ever". 

Listen to the full interview here: