Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Eric Sprott: Lots of Lousy Economic Data

“Lots of lousy economic data. But it’s just the COMEX, man… Luckily, today we’re back up a little. Maybe we’ll get some sanity back in the market. 

But it’s frustrating to have to sit by and watch it. And as I thought about what happens, here we have gold going down 1%. 

The stocks went down 3%! The stocks whose options are expiring today went down 3%. 

When you have an option, it’s that fine line between making money and not making money. 

That last 3% can wreak a little bit of havoc. It’s sickening that it happens. 

It’s just the commercial banks ripping off their customers again… for the sake of today’s profits.”

- Source, Eric Sprott via Silver Doctors