Saturday, September 15, 2018

Huntsville hospital celebrates $1M donation from Sprott Foundation

The Huntsville Hospital Foundation has announced the transformative gift of $1 million from the Sprott Foundation. This represents one of the largest gifts ever received by the hospital and will be invested in urgent care and advanced medicine to ensure continued outstanding health care in Huntsville and surrounding areas.

Community leaders and seasonal residents Eric and Vizma Sprott have long been known for their generous support of health care in Ottawa and Toronto. This gift will have an equally substantial impact on health care in Muskoka.

“Eric and I love being on the lake and being part of this wonderful community. It is our great pleasure to be able to make this donation to the Hospital,” said Vizma Sprott.

Like so many seasonal residents, the Sprotts, their children and grandchildren, have had to visit the hospital.

“We have had occasion to use the hospital and we’re grateful it is there, especially as we spend more time in this community. We wanted to know what we could do to help,” said Eric Sprott.

“The staff and physicians at the hospital were honoured and humbled that the Sprotts chose to make an investment into urgent equipment needs at Huntsville Hospital,” said Katherine Craine, executive director of the foundation. “This gift is a wonderful addition to the momentum we are experiencing, and the support we are seeing from both local and seasonal residents as well as local businesses that are getting behind the hospital and its capital needs. Our fundraising continues to grow and we are grateful for the support."

The Sprotts hope their gift will inspire others to give generously to the hospital. The hospital needs up to $3 million per year to buy new equipment and upgrade technology not funded by the government. The 2017-2018 annual report for the foundation will be available in the coming weeks.

- Source, Muskoka Region