Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sprott Monthly Market Update: Two Yellow Metals: Gold Is Good; Uranium Is Great

Rick Rule started his career in the 1970's bull market, which had a spectacular shift towards resources after a 50 year lull. He is preparing for what he believes may be the greatest shift in natural resource markets that he will witness for the rest of his career. He says that the next 5 years will be more generous for the junior resource space than most give credit for. The junior precious metals market is already up about 100% in a short period of time.

According to Rule, in 18 months to 2 years from now there will be a synchronized bull market where the precious metals run, as well as other commodities. This will not be due to demand, but because of supply destruction. That type of market is extremely volatile to the upside. Gold prices will move in terms of the US dollar which hasn't happened since 2002.

He is seeing new customers pouring into gold from across the spectrum. They are flowing into everything from the largest gold stocks, to gold specialized funds. Rule says it's a mistake not to own physical precious metals, with the market giving us so much so fast that it's getting frothy. There is also a strong retail demand for gold that has been absent to the market for the last 5 years.

Uranium is perhaps even more exciting, as everything that needs to be in place for a truly incredible bull market is there. The worldwide demand for uranium is assured because of it's electricity generation efficiency. Rick has been deploying some of his own capital into the uranium space, and feels the market won't move for another year and a half.

12 years ago, the last bull market in uranium stocks generated so much wealth, that the participants will be extremely aggressive this rise. When the price of physical uranium goes up, the benefit will be shared only by a few companies. This creates the possibility for an astronomical increase in share prices.