Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fortunes Will Be Made

The truth is that in all the prior cycles the money that I had invested in the market went up 10-fold in the rebound. The difference today is that I have much more money to work with and a much stronger team at Sprott. And I would suggest to you, Eric, that the KWN readers who maintain the cash and the courage to be involved through this down-cycle and into the up-cycle will be similarly rewarded.

What I don’t know is exactly when this up-cycle will begin in earnest. Make no mistake about it, I think we are already in the early stages of the up-cycle, but you will remember, Eric, that the last up-cycle, beginning in July of 2000, didn’t feel apparent to most of the market in 2002.

- Rick Rule of Sprott Global, via a recent King World News interview