Saturday, January 24, 2015

Forget The Propaganda, Things Will Quickly Unravel As We Enter 2015

The U.S. is by far the world’s largest debtor, and the fact that it still retains its world reserve currency status is the primary reason that its paper retains any value whatsoever at this point.

So what we’re faced with right now is this recurring propaganda that is being reported in the United States that the U.S. economy is growing strongly and that job creation is robust. What utter rubbish. Everything is being falsified to keep this myth alive and keep the U.S. dollar and the bond market afloat.

So for somebody to say that this is the only game in town really shows the depth of stupidity that’s on display today. Part of this plan is the relentless suppression of the gold and silver prices. I think it’s reaching new levels of absurdity as we speak. There is no justification for the price action that we are seeing, even today when prices fell sharply as soon as the London market closed.

The reason for the continued manipulation is because gold and silver represent the canaries in the coal mine. If they were really reflecting the truth this whole myth about low interest rates and everything being fine would be destroyed. I think there is infinitely more evidence coming out daily that the offtake in the East — India, China Russia, etc — is continuing to grow.

In the meantime, what remaining gold is left in Western vaults continues to be depleted. So I believe this suppression is very much in the final stages. If that is the case, I think the subsequent price explosion will be something to behold.

- John Embry of Sprott Assets, via King World News