Saturday, December 6, 2014

This Paper Ponzi Scheme is Now in Serious Trouble

The mauling that gold and silver experienced on Friday represents criminal activity in my opinion. The Friday after Thanksgiving is traditionally one of the quietest trading days of year, and yet on that day the HUI declined nearly 8 percent. Gold and silver equities remain the least expensive equities on the planet.

For gold and silver and the shares to be blasted like that post-holiday was very telling. That action was preposterous. To me it reveals that the Western central banks and their bullion bank accomplices are in deep trouble when it comes to gold and silver.

Western inventories have been sharply depleted as supplies continue to migrate to the East. The end of the Indian restrictions is also another major development. This will mean even more gold heading from West to East, putting additional pressure on the central planners to release the price of gold.

This will create enormous trouble for Western planners in the paper gold and silver markets. There are arguably more than 100 paper claims on each remaining ounce of gold and silver in the West. This paper Ponzi scheme is now in serious trouble.

- Source, John Embry of Sprott Asset Management via King World News