Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Silver Market is a Coiled Spring

“Eric and I are very much in agreement that investors and voters on a global basis have been conned because they want to be conned into believing that the liquidity we see in the system now is a substitute for solvency. If we are right and the status quo is wrong, then the first metal to move will be gold.

But the metal that moves the furthest will be silver. Eric believes that we are past the tipping point. Eric believes that we are already on the way up in the gold and silver markets. He has much more experience as a market-caller than I do. I’m agnostic as to timing and the circumstances we are discussing. But betting against Eric Sprott on a consistent basis in the last 25 years has not been a very good use of money.”

- Source, Rick Rule via a recent King World News interview