Friday, March 21, 2014

What Makes Sprott Asset Management Unique?

I think we’re pretty strident in our views about what’s going on in the world economy. When I think of all the partners that I have, whether it’s Rick Rule, John Embry, Marc Faber (who’s on our board), we’ve all been very outspoken about what’s going on in the financial system.
I don’t want to put words in everyone’s mouth, but I would generally say we think of it as a Ponzi scheme or as Rick Rule would call it, “counterfeiting of money,” and so we’re looking for ways to survive that situation. I think that’s what we bring to clients. We’re willing to believe in ourselves and not withstanding for example the huge declines that we’ve experienced in precious metals in the last two years. We’re still staying the course because obviously we think when we come out of this and all the truth is known, that that’s the place to be in the financial situation we find ourselves.

- Source, Gold Seek: