Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Key Drivers of the Precious Metals

Eric Sprott, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Portfolio Manager, of Sprott Asset Management and recent recipient of the Order of Canada provides valuable insight in an interview with Mining MarketWatch Journal, shedding light on various issues including physical supply imbalances, paper market distortions, macro economic fundamentals, and global demand forces in play that will be key drivers in 2014. Eric Sprott also discusses the opportunities setting up for the majority of precious metal equities as gold makes a drive over $2,000/oz and silver over $50/oz. 

Eric Sprott on Western central banks to India: "...because you have a fiat currency too, as we do, and we can't have people find out that we have no gold."

Eric Sprott on physical supply imbalance: "Between Hong Kong/China who imports seemingly 120 tonnes per month and India that can certainly support demand of 80 tonnes a month - you've got 200 tonnes a month just in those two countries in a world where mines only supply 185 tonnes a month."

Eric Sprott on how investors in precious metals and related equities will fare: "...the reality is probably 9 out of 10 they will all win because it's all a function of the price of the precious metals here. The precious metal price will I think bail everybody out."

- Source, Market Watch: