Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Get Involved in Something Where you can Salvage your Net Worth

“I think so, Eric. I mean we have way more leverage than we ever had. And when someone thinks they are going to get their $100,000 pension, or $50,000 pension, and the next thing you know they are informed, ‘Well, you know your $100,000 became $16,000,’ or ‘your $50,000 became $8,000,’ just think of the shift that has to take place here.

Think of the poor guy making $8,000 and he finds out his health care bill is over $8,000. The whole thing makes no sense. The numbers don’t work. And we are going to face that reality. I don’t know when the US government, and not just the US government, but when other governments face up to, ‘OK, how are we going to right the ship here?’ It’s not going to be easy to right the ship. There are going to be very, very hard times that we are all going to go through to get there.

And I’m not one who is imagining that one tries to prosper in that. Whenever I got into gold back in 2000 I said, ‘You know what, I just want to try to survive this thing. I want to try to survive because the paper assets will end up with no value.’ Any study of currencies will show that the currency ends up being worth zero, and we have abused it so immensely here recently with all this printing going on.

I always ask investors, smart people, ‘Do you believe in zero interest rates, and do you believe in printing money? And if you do, fine, play the game. If you don’t, don’t play the game, and get involved in something where you can salvage your net worth at the end of the day.”

- Eric Sprott via King World News: