Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Take a Big Macro View of Gold

As you know, Eric, I take a big macro view of gold here, and what I sense all along is that the Western central banks must really be running on fumes when it comes to (physical) gold. I must say that I am never disappointed by the data points that I see in physical gold.
For example, I just saw the Perth Mint, their gold sales were up 50% and the silver sales are up 70%. The Bank of England, the Royal Canadian Mint, all of the sales are up and getting into seriously high numbers. All the while, this is all predicated on the gold and silver supplies hardly going up at all.

In fact, I think the gold supply will be down this year from maybe even back to (the year) 2000....

- Eric Sprott via King World News, read the full interview here: