Friday, August 23, 2013

Many More Detroit's Coming!

I had the great honour of interviewing Eric Sprott in our latest episode of Ask the Expert. Eric Sprott is Chairman of Sprott Money Ltd. Additionally, he is CEO, CIO and Senior Portfolio Manager of Sprott Asset Management LP and Chairman of Sprott Inc. Eric has accumulated over 40 years of experience in the investment industry and has earned a recognized standing not only as one of the world’s premier gold and silver investors, but also as an expert in the precious metals industry.

During the course of this interview we were able to delve into some of the most important topics currently afflicting the precious metals market. Shown below are a sample of the questions I was able to ask Eric Sprott:
  • Do you see a possibility of the Fed tapering? If the Fed does taper, how will this affect the price of gold? How will it affect interest rates?
  • Do you foresee many more Detroits coming in the future?
  • In the gold and silver community, there’s a vicious attack that began in April. Do you believe this was a coordinated effort by central banks to stop the flow of gold? Do Western central banks have the gold they claim to have?
  • When the next big correction occurs, what do you see in store for Canada? Do you see Canada being dragged down with the rest of the western world, or do you see Canada weathering the storm?
  • Do you believe that the worst is behind us? Do you believe gold and silver have begun the next leg up in this bull market?
As you will learn throughout the course of this interview, Eric believes that the worst is behind us. The central banks have fired their shots and failed. The FED can’t taper according to Eric. They have no choice but to keep printing. The question is, how long can they keep this house of cards together?

- Source, Sprott Money: