Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Less and Less Trust in the Government

“I have to admire Jim Sinclair because I started looking at his site back in 2000. You would go to his site, gold was $300 and he kept showing these angels with a magnet and showed on the magnet that the price of gold was going to $1,650.

It seemed so incredulous at the time. Yet there we were ten years later and we took out $1,650. So I have a wonderful respect for James Sinclair. I had the honor of attending his GATA presentation in London. Of course at that time he suggested gold could go to $3,500.

We’ve had some tough sledding along the way, but I certainly think that all of his logic suggests that (move to a much higher gold price). I think I actually heard him suggest it might go to $11,000. The reason for it is a simple numbers thing. You look at the (amount of) dollars and other currencies out there and compare it to what needs to back the currencies.

And I think people are going to less and less believe in trusting the government to look after you because they are not going to look after you. We see evidence of that every day. So it (the world’s reserve currency) has to be backed by something real, and when it is the price of gold and silver will be revalued accordingly.”

- Eric Sprott via a recent King World News interview, read the full interview here: