Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I've Been a Believer in Gold & Silver for the Last 12 Years

"I've been a believer in gold and silver for the last 12 years and I guess a disbeliever in paper assets. I'm quite surprised that things such as currency debasements by central banks getting involved in supporting their bond markets and banking systems—have evolved to make the case for owning gold and silver since 2000 way stronger than anything I might have imagined.

I basically got into gold because I anticipated a physical shortage, but I didn't expect the headwinds of the level of financial irresponsibility shown at either the fiscal level of governments with all their deficits or at the involvement of the financial markets by way of QEs, LTROs, operation twists and unlimited swap lines. In my mind, all of this ultimately will further debase the currencies, which gives us an even more powerful reason to own gold and silver."

- Eric Sprott in a interview with theaureport.com, source: