Thursday, August 18, 2011

Eric Sprott - The Price of Silver Should be $110 to $120 Today

“We’ve put a notice in that we are going to sell two million shares of the Sprott Physical Trust, which would generate something like $32 million of proceeds, and it’s my intention to move that into (physical) silver. As you know I have opined very often that I think silver should trade at a 16/1 ratio to gold. That would imply a price today of something like $110 or $120, (and today) it’s $40.

...The availability in dollar terms of gold is 100 times that of silver, so you can’t keep buying at a one to one ratio without something giving here. As long as people keep buying it you know the price has to go up, there is very limited supply. I think Comex has something like 27 million ounces (available for purchase), which is all of one billion dollars. What is one billion dollars these days? I mean there’s probably 500 different organizations that could clean them out.”

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